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Vulcanizing machine

Electrical Heating Mode Plate Vulcanizing Machine

Electrical Heating Mode Plate Vulcanizing Machine


Electrical Heating Mode Plate Vulcanizing Machine

Technical details:

  1. total pressure:20.00MN (2000 ton) Oil Pressure Bottom Type
  2. heating plate size:(width*length):1100*6000mm
  3. heating plate: be from one single steel plate, no joints. No compromise.
  4. Heating Plate Thickness: top & bottom:80mm
  5. Heating Zones No: 2
  6. Heating Plate Material: steel plate-Q235; Number: 2 pieces
  7. Roughness of surface of hot board Ra≤1.6μm
  8. dual cold ends 300mm×2. The in and out of hot zones of hot board are designed right and left respectively.
  9. Heating Plate drill dimensions DIA 24mm
  10. Frame
  11. thickness: 40mm other DIMS
  12. width of each side: 270mm; height of top beam: 650mm
  13. Distance between Bottom Platen in open position and floor: 700mm
  14. material: steel plate-Q235; number: 6 set
  15. daylight:400mm
  16. working layer:1
  17. stroke:400mm
  18. Hydraulic Piston
  19. diameter of piston: 500mm
  20. number of piston: 6 sets
  21. Material: chilled casting;
  22. cylinder material: ductile casting-QT500-7; number: 6 set
  23. closing speed:>=10mm/s
  24. opening speed:>=10mm/s
  25. pressure on plate: 30kg/cm2
  26. motor power: about 33KW
  27. heating mode :oil
  28. Apron For Belt - 6 Set Per Side Of Each Heating Plate
  29. Temperature Controlling - 4 Sensors Per Heating Plate
  30. Hydraulic pump complete with all pipes, valves, gauges, motors and starters.
  31. In case of power failure at buyer’s factory during production, the hydraulic pump should have a manual drive/lever to open hydraulic press
  32. We can according to the customers' requirement, and manufacture the non-standard of vulcanizing machine.