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Distinction about the high mixing mill and low mixing mill

Rubber mixing machine difference: 1. The reducer;Match: high speed reducer for cases of hard tooth face.After the tooth surface by special treatment.With low: ZQ reducer.After the roll teeth grinding.2. Roller support;With high: wafangdian bearing a total of 8 sets or Harbin. Low match: nylon sleeve.3. The lubrication system: high match: automatic dry lubrication (loose).Low match: dry oil cup, manual refueling. 4. Control system: high match: main control box 1 piece, control box, 1 piece, convenient in operation adjustment.Low match: the main control box 1. 5. The power link: high match: all links.Users only need to link three main power cord.With low: only configuration panel, the rest should bring along their own.6. Installation: high match: with cushions.Equipment do not need to lay the foundation.Can use the same day.Low match: take a set of anchor bolt.Need to lay the foundation, 15 days available.7. Tapping device: high distribution: a set of tapping device.Low side: no. 8. Safety device: high match: match four emergency press the button, the other with kick type